"Shop Buddy Mobile Diagnostics is a Mobile Automotive Diagnostics and Module Programming Service also providing Vehicle Security Services, Thermal Imaging , Digital Internal Power Train Noise Evaluation, Ethanol Testing, Lab Scope Services, EVAP Smoke Testing, HVAC Mold Removal and Much more. Automotive Mobile Diagnostic and Vehicle Module Programming Service also providing Vehicle Security Services ReFlash ECM PCM BCM"

Shop Buddy Guarantee.

Shop Buddy Mobile Diagnostics believes that when you make a call to have us diagnose a vehicle for you that you deserve the top of the line equipment and top of the line service with a great attitude and performed in a timely manner with correct results and guarantee's those results or you will not be charged.

Today's vehicles are extremely complex. The correct tooling to repair and diagnose them is cost prohibitive to all but a few shops. Most repair shops can't afford a factory scan tool for every type of vehicle they service. Without the factory tooling, quickly and accurately diagnosing a vehicle can be a real challenge. Sure, you can make an educated guess about what part to replace. But with the cost of parts being so expensive and with many customers watching their money closer than ever, is it worth the risk to guess?

In today's fast paced life, no one wants to lose even a single customer. Word of mouth spreads quickly, and unfortunately bad news spreads even faster. No shop can afford to lose a customer because they were unable to properly diagnose or program a vehicle. Telling your customer they need to go back to the dealer could spell a disaster if they decide to continue going back there.

With ShopBuddy Mobile Diagnostics expert knowledge and factory scan tools, we can diagnose or program any computer controlled system on almost every make and model of modern vehicle. Although the knowledge and tooling is a big help, sometimes a fresh set of eyes and a little thinking outside the box can do wonders when diagnosing a complex problem. It's our goal to make sure the reputation of the small repair shop stays spotless. Competition between shops and especially with dealerships leaves no room for a bad reputation due to not diagnosing a vehicle quickly and accurately. No one wants a bad reputation because of a tough vehicle.

ShopBuddy Mobile Diagnostics is a mobile automotive diagnostic service that comes directly to you. We charge a single flat fee to diagnose or program any vehicle. If something prevents us from properly diagnosing or programming a vehicle, there is no charge to you. We guarantee all our work and in the rare case we can't find the problem, we have no shame in admiting you need another opinion. We will never guess with the hope of being right. From complex diagnostics to simple flash updates, we can handle it all. At this time we offer no service for diesel diagnostics, mechanical transmission faults or battery drains.