Shop Buddy is a mobile diagnostics and programming  company based out of Arizona with over 25 years of experience in the diagnostic and electrical field of the automotive industry. We offer programming and diagnosis for all types of vehicles.

Today's vehicles are extremely complex. The correct tooling to repair and diagnose them is cost prohibitive to all but a few shops. Most repair shops can't afford a factory scan tool for every type of vehicle they service. Without the factory tooling, quickly and accurately diagnosing a vehicle can be a real challenge. Sure, you can make an educated guess about what part to replace. But with the cost of parts being so expensive and with many customers watching their money closer than ever, is it worth the risk to guess?

Diagnostic and Reprogramming Services
All system diagnostic,  Air bag systems,  Anti lock brake systems ,Flash programming Emissions systems & smoke testing,  Body electronic systems, Climate control system Security keys and systems programmed,  Key Duplication,  Re-pin Ignition Locks

Shop Buddy  Mobile  Diagnostic's  and Programming is your shops solution for fast accurate and thorough Automotive  Diagnostic's. With year's of experience backed with a wide range of top of the line tools you can always count on "get it right the first time" Analysis.
Shop Buddy also offers Programming for almost all Makes and Models of Vehicles for ALL Module's Including key Programming and key fob.Mobile service serving Queen Creek , Call for appointment and pricing

Shop Buddy Guarantee.
Shop Buddy Mobile Diagnostics believes that when you make a call to have us diagnose a vehicle for you that you deserve the top of the line equipment and top of the line service with a great attitude and performed in a timely manner with correct results and guarantee's those results or you will not be charged.

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